the fascist Modi-Shah Regime!

In yet another arrogant assault on democracy, the Modi government has once again used the institutions of CBI and ED to pursue its politics of vendetta. Deputy Chief Minister of Delhi, Manish Sisodia has been arrested by central government agency CBI after hours of interrogation on 26th February on the flimsy pretext of his alleged non-cooperation.

Having lost the MCD elections and the bid to capture the mayoral posts by  hook or by crook, the Modi-Shah regime has now resorted to this unscrupulous misuse of the central agencies. At a time when the whole world is questioning the Modi government's conspicuous silence about the Adani scam and its refusal to probe this monument corporate fraud, the government is desperately trying to terrorise the opposition.

CPI(ML) strongly condemns the arrest of elected Deputy Chief Minister of Delhi NCR, Manish Sisodia. We appeal to the citizens of Delhi and the Indian people at large to rise in protest against this brazen attempt by the BJP to undermine federalism and democracy by misusing central agencies.

- Dipankar Bhattacharya
General Secretary, CPI(ML)