AIARLA Struggle against Displacement of Landless Poor Families in Bihar

The All India Agricultural and Rural Labour Association (AIARLA) is conducting a survey of poor families inhabited on river embankments, near ponds, on government or common lands for a very long time but without any land or residential rights. This survey will be made one of the bases for the campaign for the enactment of a new Right to Housing Act to ensure housing for all and to stop displacements and evictions which are going on in the name of various schemes. 

AIARLA will also hold a protest demonstration outside Bihar Assembly on 28 March against ongoing evictions. 

In recent past around 55 families were displaced in Darbhanga and their houses were demolished by bulldozers in Rajawada area. CPIML activists Ashok Paswan, Pappu Khan and many others were falsely implicated by the state police because they came forward to defend the housing rights of poor displaced families. An indefinite fast unto death has also been declared to be held in front of Bihar Assembly from 24 March onwards. AIARLA general secretary Dhirendra Jha has informed that the CM had ordered an inquiry into the matter but the police in connivance with the local feudal forces stopped the inquiry. He said that the IG of this region is under the influence of upper caste feudals. 

AIARLA activists Shanichari Devi, Hari Paswan and Kalim Nadaf will begin indefinite fast along with Rinku Devi whose mother was killed after the police beatings in this incident. 

The issues of rural poor including displacements, serving notices of evictions, demanding waiver of electricity bills, to provide 100 units of free electricity to the poor households, 200 days’ work and Rs. 600 per day wage in MNREGA, Rs. 3000 pension etc will be raised in the protest to be held on 28 March in the state capital Patna.