Compensate UP Farmers for the Crop Losses due to Unexpected Rains

CPIML has demanded that Uttar Pradesh government must compensate farmers for the crop losses due to unexpected rains. Sudden rains and temperature fall coupled with hailstorms at many places has caused heavy losses to t wheat crops in many districts of UP. In a statement released by Arun Kumar, UP Standing committee member of the party, said that the plight of farmers and agrarian communities in the state are deteriorating while various schemes and benefits declared by the state government are not reaching to actual needy people. Most of the time relief packages remains in the files and never reach to the ground. 

Arun Kumar said that Mahanand Kushwaha, a farmer committed suicide after his standing crop got ruined. He was already under heavy debt of Banks. CPIML has also demanded to waive all farmers’ loans. It is reported that till now seven districts of UP are most affected by heavy untimely rains and hailstorm, while the weather conditions still remain unfavourable. Pulses and vegetable farmers are also badly affected.