CPIML Opposes Change in SC/ST Land Purchase Rules in UP

The CPIML has strongly condemned the recent change made by Yogi Government in the purchases of lands of dalits and scheduled tribes which will lead to properties of SC and SCs more vulnerable to the land mafia. Under the new township policy, the earlier requirement of approval from the District Magistrate in cases of lands of SCs/STs being purchased by non-dalits has been removed. This is done to satisfy vested interests of big corporates and land mafia.  

The CPIML has demanded to withdraw this anti-dalit, anti-adivasi step by UP's BJP government. This amendment has opened the way for appropriation of lands of vulnerable communities. Already there are lakhs of acres of land in the state allotted to adivasis and dalits, but occupied by dominant castes.

In many districts like Chandauli and Lakhimpur Kheri people are being given eviction notices for the lands they have been inhabited for many generations. Now this amendment, done by Housing and Urban Planning department in UP Township Policy 2023, will further deprive them off from their livelihoods and lands.