Maharashtra: Against Land Acquisition for Barsu-Solgaon Refinery Project

The CPIML has extended full support and solidarity with the people in Maharashtra struggling against the Barsu-Solgaon Panchkoshi Refinery project where forced land acquisition on a large scale is imminent, for a project that will greatly devastate environment and forests in very sensitive Konkan region. 

Party’s Maharashtra secretary Shyam Gohil has appealed to all parties and social organisations to come forward on a united forum to oppose such destructive so called development projects which will affect livelihoods of large section of people while damaging the environment to an unprecedented scale. 

The people in Konkan region are opposing this project and have demanded to stop all ongoing construction and other works. 

Comrade Shyam Gohil has also demanded to stop eviction of advasi people in Dahanu-Dhanivari where land acquisition is under way for Baroda-Mumbai highway project. He demanded to stop projects which are on in the name of development but are essentially anti-people and anti-environment in their content and only benefit big companies. Land acquisition is now the latest form of corporate exploitation in Konkan region where advasis are being oppressed by the police on a large scale, he said.