Mann Government in Punjab Must Ensure Federal Fabric and Democratic Rights of Citizens

The CPIML has criticised the misuse of National Security Act (NSA) and curtailing democratic freedom on the pretext of action against the Vaaris Punjab De head and Khalistan proponent Amritpal Singh and his supporters in Punjab.

Party leader in Punjab Sukhdarshan Singh Natt has said in a statement that action must be taken against violators of law under relevant criminal acts, the use of draconian NSA is irresponsible and may prove counterproductive. The poor handling of the current situation by the AAP government led by Bhagwant Singh Mann has on the one hand exposed itself as the one lacking a vision, while paving the way for manipulation and communal designs of BJP and its outfits. These irresponsible actions will be detrimental to the interests of Punjab, and Punjabiat and harm the atmosphere of communal harmony in the state.

The CPIML statement further says that the divisive ideas and actions of Amritpal Singh were not nipped in the bud in the first place, and then the state government stepped in to implement Modi government’s designs of heavy use of force and simultaneous attacks on democratic freedoms and basic rights of citizens. This was unwarranted and will further the interests of divisive communal forces. This is a travesty that after all this the accused Amri Pal Singh succeeded in escaping, reportedly somewhere outside Punjab! The whole story looks unbelievable on its face and raises questions on the credibility of the Punjab government in facing such situations, while the central regime is taking full advantage of it in fulfilling BJP’s political agenda in the state.

The CPIML has emphasised the need for strengthening struggles on genuine issues of the people of Punjab, which has the potential of uniting all Punjabis on a common democratic agenda. This will also weaken the atmosphere of precipitating fear and uncertainty and scope of communal polarisation as intended equally by the likes of Amrit Pal Singh and the BJP.

Sukhdarshan Singh Natt has said that the imposing of NSA obstructs the process of justice by depriving the accused of minimum legal rights which is detrimental for democracy and increases authoritarian tendencies. He also demanded to release people arrested merely on the basis of suspicion without any material evidence.