BJP has Metamorphosed into Bharatiya Satta Party

Uniform Civil Code Unacceptable: It is a ploy to finish diversity, impose uniformity

The General Secretary of CPI(ML) Dipankar Bhattacharya has said that the meeting in Patna of the opposition parties is a welcome step in the right direction. The 11th Congress of the CPI(ML) held in Patna in February this year had mooted the idea of a broad unity of the opposition, which has found resonance and expansion in this meeting. The opposition parties’ meeting has given a fillip to the ongoing efforts of opposition unity and agenda.
He said that all the political parties that participated in the meeting acknowledged the severity of the threat that the country was facing. Bharatiya Janata Party has metamorphised into Bhartiya Satta Party. It has gained control over constitutional institutions as well as over all walks of life. Democracy-constitution- federalism are all under threat. At this crucial juncture, the meeting of opposition parties will prove to be of utmost relevance.

He added that the only way to defeat the Modi autocracy is a popular people’s movement. We will have to transform the coming elections into a broad-based mass movement. Oust Modi campaign will have to acquire a shape of a mass movement.

The Bihar State Secretary of CPIML Kunal said that the agenda of social and legal reforms should be strictly demarcated and kept aloof from the electoral arithmetic of votes. BJP has once again raked up this issue for polarizing the votes.

He added that India is a land of diverse cultures and ways of life. Efforts to finish this diversity and impose a homogeneity in the name of uniform civil code will be counter-productive. Such a move could impede the prospects of initiating progressive, pro-women changes in the personal laws. He said that BJP has pushed the entire nation towards violence and fanaticism. Manipur is in flames. So is the case of Uttarakhand. And now, in the name of uniform civil code, the BJP wants to keep the pot boiling as its new election stunt. This is not acceptable to us.