ECI’s Refusal to Hear Opposition Parties

Despite attempts by opposition parties in Assam to put forward their views and concerns to Election Commission of India regarding the delimitation exercise, the Commission has refused to provide any hearing. Calling the move as undemocratic and unconstitutional, Com. Bibek Das, CPIML Assam state secretary said that people of Assam oppose the delimitation exercise, which is based on the 2001 census.

Leaders of 11 Opposition parties from Assam under the ‘United Opposition Forum’ (UPF) on July 8 had demanded the ECI to immediately stop the ongoing delimitation exercise. The parties have demanded that ECI must first take all stakeholders and people in confidence.

“Refusal to take into account the long standing concerns of the people of Assam, the ECI is playing BJPs game.” added Com. Bibek Das.