CPIML Welcomes Patna HC Verdict on Caste Census

CPIML Bihar Secretary Kunal has issued a statement welcoming Patna High Court Decision in favour of caste census. He said that this decision has exposed anti-social justice politics of the BJP party while CPIML is in favour of conducting a countrywide caste census. The appellants who went to the court to halt the process of caste census being done by the government of Bihar were associated with the BJP. 

The existing caste census data available officially with the central government is of 1931 and present policies formulated are done on the basis of that only. There is a need to update the caste census data in view of making correct policies and various plans as well as providing reservations for Scheduled and backward caste members by basing on present day realities. 

Comrade Kunal also hoped that anomalies found in ongoing caste census programme in Bihar will also be corrected and the government will accomplish the task of caste census with all seriousness.