All-round Dictatorship

In a press conference in Patna on September 05, CPIML General Secretary Dipankar Bhattacharya strongly condemning the attempts by Modi government to destroy the country’s constitution said that Narendra Modi is a mix of Hitler and Tughlaq.  The Constitution of the country clearly says that India, that is, Bharat. But now letters are being issued in the name of President of Bharat instead of President of India. This madness of changing the name of the country will make us a laughing stock.

He added that Modi rule has been an uninterrupted reign of anarchy and disaster. India means Bharat has to be saved from this disastrous rule at all costs.

The slogan of ‘one country, one election’ is a ploy orchestrated by Modi government to create an election-free India. A committee was hastily formed, of which the leader of opposition was not even informed. The special session of Parliament has also been called without discussion. In the opinion of the Law Commission and many other experts, this is a complex issue which will require a lot of constitutional amendments. Simultaneous election is against the basic structure of the Constitution.

Regarding the action plan of INDIA alliance, Com. Dipankar said that campaign will be launched across the country from 2nd October under the banner of INDIA alliance. In the coming days there will be agitations based on a common agenda.

According to the decision of the Mumbai meeting, the seat sharing process will happen at the state level. On September 04, CPIML have sent a proposal to RJD National President Lalu Prasad Yadav  for the seats in the Lok Sabha elections.

Com. Dipankar noted that the Bihar Assembly Election 2020 saw the start of a new electoral chemistry with the synergy between CPIML and RJD. The Grand Alliance had made decisive gains in Magadh region, Shahabad and Saran, the areas under our influence. If it goes ahead in the direction of the prospects, BJP will be rooted out from Bihar in the general elections.

Com. Kunal, Bihar State Secretary, Politburo Members Com. Dhirendra Jha, Com. Amar and Com. Shashi Yadav were also present at the press conference.