Allahabad University Proctor Wields Lathis on Peacefully Protesting Students

Gundaraj in Campus

All India Students’ Association (AISA) has demanded Immediate suspension of Allahabad University Chief Proctor Rakesh Singh for brutally assaulting AISA AU unit president and dalit student Comrade Vivek. A strong legal action is demanded against Proctor Rakesh Singh for attacking Vivek with the intent of causing serious injury. 

Along with Comrade Vivek, other students who were also protesting against the curtailment of student rights and for democratic campus have been abused with casteist slurs and attacked. Earlier, students were already in rage against the illegal suspension of AISA UP Vice-president Comrade Manish Kumar.

AISA has strongly condemned this brutality and called upon the student fraternity to stand in solidarity to fight back against the Gundaraj of Proctor Rakesh Singh and Vice chancellor Sangeet Srivastava who want to turn Allahabad University into shambles.