Withdraw Criminal Proceedings against Arundhati Roy

This is outrageous and shocking to persecute writer- activist Arundhati Roy on a 13 year old FIR along with an academician from Kashmir. This is intolerance exhibited by the State and smacks of vendetta. At that time police did not think the speeches meritted any prosecution for sedition. How come suddenly it attracts criminal proceedings? This looks to be an afterthought, that too, in the wake of recent arrests of the Editor in chief of NewsClick under anti-terrorism law and other penal provisions. AIPWA condemns this kind of persecution of civil society activists and critics. Autonomy of rights activists, the upholders of  conscience of civil society should be protected. 

Stop persecuting civil society activists Arundhati Roy. We stand by you!

- Issued by
Dr E. Rati Rao, National President
Meena Tiwari, National General Secretary, AIPWA