Palestine Gaza Protest India

CPIML strongly condemns the detention in Jammu of more than 30 activists of civil society organisations, trade unions and CPIML including party’s Jammu district secretary Subhash Mehta in 20 November late night to stop them from assembling in a demonstration on 21 October which was organised to express solidarity with the Palestinian people. Subhash Mehta (a septuagenarian) and others were forcibly taken from their homes to the police station in the dark of night. Com. Nirdosh Uppal, Central committee member of CPIML was put under house arrest.

This is in the series of arrests made in different parts of the country including Delhi, Aligarh Muslim University (UP), etc. to prevent Indians expressing solidarity with the Palestinian people. The PM Narendra Modi, who lost no time in expressing solidarity with Israel in the wake of the Hamas offensive, even now, after two weeks of genocidal war by Israel on Gaza, shamelessly continues to gag the voice of Indians being raised in solidarity with oppressed Palestinians.

CPIML condemns the ongoing repression, detentions, arrests and intimidations of activists for expressing solidarity with the aggrieved people, half of them children, of Palestine. This is the constitutional right of every citizen to express their views and issents democratically and peacefully.

The J&K State council of CPIML condemned the administration for trampling human rights and democratic liberties of the people and condemned these detentions. Nirdosh Uppal criticised the Manoj Sinha administration and expressed displeasure over the fact that the midnight swoop was conducted at the residence of Com. Subash Mehta by a heavy contingent of local police intimidating women and family members in the midnight oblivious of the fact that police cannot forcibly enter residential premises before dawn. 

The State Council in a meeting late evening on 22 October called upon the government of India to adopt the foreign policy of successive Indian governments since independence to mobilise world opinion for the resolution of the Palestine issue and establishment of peace in West Asia. . 

Palestine Solidarity Demonstrations Continue Braving Police Repression

Israel's continuous bombing against innocent unarmed Palestine people has ashamed humanity. Recently it bombed and destroyed two hospitals in Gaza.


In a protest march in Phulwari Sharif near Patna against Israel attacks, CPIML MLA Gopal Ravidas addressed the protesters and said that historically India has always condemned atrocities on people of Palestine and stood with the demand of sovereign Palestine. India has been recognized throughout the world as a nation advocating peace and non-violence. PM Modi's stand of supporting Israeli aggression goes against the basic tenet of international solidarity. Genocide of innocent people and children in any part of the world is unacceptable. Democracy and peace-loving people in different countries of the world are condemning Israel Prime Minister who is bombing hospitals in Gaza. 


A protest was organised by the women and cultural groups, trade unions, students, lawyers and citizens of Lucknow. The protestors expressed solidarity with the cause of the Palestinian people and raised their voice against the atrocities of Israel. They demanded Israel vacate the occupied land which belongs to the Palestinian people. AIPWA, AICCTU, AIDWA, IPTA, NIFW, SFI, AISA and Rahul Foundation activists joined this protest. 

Wazirganj thana police after the protest was over, detained NIFW leader Asha Mishra along with few other women protestors. The protestors called this a cowardly act on part of the police.