Dumka Rape Incident is a Blot on the Nation

The heinous incident of gangrape of a Spanish traveller and attack on her husband at Dumka in Jharkhand has ashamed the nation. Rati Rao, President and Mina Tiwai, General Secretary of All India Progressive Women’s Association (AIPWA) have demanded from the Jharkhand government speedy action and arrest of all remaining culprits. They said in a statement that it is a deplorable fact that our country has utterly failed in protecting women. Even foreign tourist women are not safe, but this is more deplorable that the Chairperson of National Women’s Commission accused foreign media of maligning the country's image for reporting this particular incident. On the contrary, India’s image is maligned by the increasing occurrences of crimes against women, of rapes and the increased incidents where rapists are being set free without any punishments. There is a long list where the Modi regime crossed limits to save the rapists. From Ram Rahim to Brijbhushan Sharan Singh, Benaras’ Kunal Pandey to Unnao’s Sengar to Chinmayanand, rapists are roaming free with impunity. The BJP leaders did not spare even the national flag from waving in support of the rapists of Kathua, while the same party released convicted rapists of Bilkis Bano calling them ‘sanskari’.

AIPWA has demanded arrests of all accused in the Dumka incident and every kind of assistance and protection for the victim. This should be ensured that rapists are punished, we must also strive for a country where women can fearlessly and freely go out wherever they want, said Mina Tiwari.