Institute a High-level Judicial Inquiry into the Death of Mukhtar Ansari

CPIML General Secretary Dipankar Bhattacharya in a statement issued in March 29 has demanded a high-level judicial inquiry into the sudden death of former Uttar Pradesh imprisoned MLA Mukhtar Ansari. Amid the reports of possible custodial murder, a high-level judicial inquiry is needed to unearth the truth. CPIML noted that the magisterial inquiry announced by the government is inadequate.

He further said that before his death, the former MLA had once told the court that there was an attempt to kill him. Recently, when he was admitted to Banda Medical College for treatment, his elder brother and MP Afzal Ansari, after meeting him, said that an attempt was being made to kill Mukhtar by poisoning him. He alleged that this was being done to prevent his testimony against mafia Brijesh Singh, who is currently a Minister of State for Public Works of Uttar Pradesh. It was alleged that jail staff, officers and the government were involved in the conspiracy to kill Mukhtar. Meanwhile, the death of Mukhtar and the circumstantial evidence in the incident strengthens the suspicion of his murder.

Given the seriousness of the allegations, there should be an impartial and high-level judicial inquiry into the matter.