Bulldozer Must be Stopped

The CPIML condemned the UP government's drive to build a river front on the Kukrail river in Lucknow's Akbar Nagar in which 1,100 houses have been demolished with bulldozers in the name of beautification. State party secretary Sudhakar Yadav said that bulldozer raj continues in the state even after the Lok Sabha election which has given a mandate against the Yogi government’s bulldozer raj. It was the defeat in Uttar Pradesh due to which the BJP fell short of a full majority at the Centre. The people of Uttar Pradesh have restricted the BJP more than any other state. Not only the Modi government, but the policies of the Yogi government in the state have also been a factor in this defeat.

It seems that the BJP and its government have not learnt from the Lok Sabha election results. Videos of people crying and protesting against the bulldozing of houses in Akbarnagar are going viral on social media. The administration says that on the night of Tuesday, June 11, a final warning was given to vacate the houses by the morning, after which water and electricity connections were disconnected. This demolition drive was carried out amidst the extreme heat wave which is highly inhuman.

The government claims that affected people are being shifted to new houses, while the residents are asking that if the houses were illegal then why were they being charged house tax, water tax and electricity bills till now? Residents living in Akbarnagar for the past several decades said that the compensatory houses being given to them are so small their belongings will not be able to come in them. Moreover, the possession of the houses in the alternative site at Govindnagar have not been completed yet.