Comrade Nilanjan Bhattacharya

Com Nilanjan Bhattacharya (Neelu, 47), member of Odisha CPIML State Committee suddenly passed away on 11 October in his parental town in North 24 Pargana district in West Bengal. He was suffering from Kidney ailments as well as diabetes for some time. Popularly known as comrade Neelu, he was loved by all owing to his friendly and cordial nature. He was also a National Executive member of All India Agricultural and Rural Labour Association besides being an important part of Odisha party state office, the Nagbhushan Bhavan.

Obituary : Comrade Jagadish Ram

Comrade Jagadish Ram

Comrade Jagadish Ram passed away on 30 August in Purnea, Bihar. He was 70. He joined Communist Party during the turbulent decade of 70s when Bihar’s poor began to organize themselves against the fierce feudal oppression. Comrade Jagadish Ram stood firmly with them and remain undeterred in face of immense sacrifices he had to make. Comrade Jagadish’s resolve strengthened further in continuing the struggle after the martyrdom of his brother comrade Jhari Ram.

Obituary : Comrade Sarabjit Kaur

Comrade Sarabjit Kaur

While the Party in Punjab is yet to recover from the shock of our young leader Comrade Amreek Samaon’s death, tragedy struck again in the form of an accident on 26 August. Mansa City Committee member and AIPWA leader Comrade Sarabjit Kaur received a sudden electric shock from the cooler and died on the spot. Sarabjit Kaur was about 35 years old and leaves behind one son and one daughter. She always participated actively in all programs despite domestic issues.

Comrade Baban Paswan

Comrade Baban Paswan (76 years) passed away at Pavana, Agiaon in Bhojpur at on 25 August due to heart attack. He joined the CPIML in 1976 and remained a lifelong member. He was always an active and enthusiastic member. His demise at this time is an irreparable loss for the Party.

Red salute to Comrade Baban Paswan!

Comrade Moti Mahto

We mourn the death of senior CPIML leader Comrade Moti Mahto who hailed from Gaunaha in Western Champaran District. He passed away on the night of 21 August 2020 due to a heart attack. He was about 70 years old.


Comrade Bhagwan Das

We mourn the passing of Comrade Bhagwan Das, veteran leader of the Indian People’s Front (IPF) in Jamshedpur, Jharkhand, who breathed his last on 7 August. Comrade Bhagwan Das had contested from Jugsalai as an IPF candidate for the Bihar Assembly.

Red Salute to Comrade Bhagwan Das!