Movement to Protest against Death of Electricity workers

Protest in Baurva and Mehdatpur in Naugachia block

TWO electricians Rakesh and Kailash were killed due to electric current while trying to install electricity poles in Baurva and Mehdatpur in Naugachia block. They were wrongly informed by the electricity department that the current has been cut off. Even 12 hours after the incident no official of the department reached the site of the incident. The electrical companies even tried to escape having to given compensation to the families of the electricians who lost their lives. CPIML organized a protest on 20 February in front of the Naugachia hospital. When the talks failed with officials of the electricity company and the Naugachia station incharge, the protestors declared that they will completely block the road if the officials do not come for talks. The protestors were demanding for 10 lakh compensation for the families of the dead, jobs for their family members and filing of cases against the responsible electricity department officials. The SDO of Naugachia arrived at the spot and handed over 40,000 each immediately to the families of the dead. He also announced 7 lakh and 5 lakh compensations for the families of Rakesh and Kailash respectively. The protest was ended only after the families of the two electricians agreed.