CM Stachu

CPIML lodged a strong protest against the way in which Election Commission officials in Siliguri have covered the inscriptions etched on the pillar holding Comrade Charu Mazumdar’s statue at Subhaspally in Siliguri, West Bengal. The details inscribed on the adjacent martyrs’ column have also been covered with black plastic. This act by the ECI officials has nothing to do with the conduct of elections or with the Model Code of Conduct or anything related to the ongoing election. Rather this is a deliberate act by the concerned election officials, motivated by personal ideological biases, which attacks the very basis of our democracy and constitutional rights and freedoms. This construes a violation of their duties and responsibilities. The party’s Darjeeling District unit has conveyed its protest through its Secretary Abhijit Mazumdar with the CEO, West Bengal against this deliberate defacing of the much-revered statue of Comrade Charu Mazumdar which was erected way back in 1984.

The Party has also given a protest letter in Delhi to the Chief Election Commissioner demanding immediate action against the concerned officials.