THE statue of Dr Ram Milan Yadav was dedicated to the public at Islampur village in Faizabad on 1 April 2019. A meeting was organized on this occasion. Addressing the meeting, CPIML Central Committee member and AIARLA National President Shriram Chaudhury said that the statue of Dr Ram Milan Yadav, who had as far back as the 70s challenged the firmly rooted feudal dominance, would be an inspiration to the coming generations to fight against oppression and atrocities of all kinds. He said that today when the BJP government is bent on dividing the people by spreading the poison of hatred and bigotry, it is necessary to spread Dr Ram Milan Yadav’s ideology and strengthen the struggle to build an equitable and harmonious society. Comrade Shriram Chaudhury said that it is not possible to even imagine a better society and country without first throwing out this government which cuts the budget for education, employment and health, gives ‘jumlas’ in the name of development, embraces corruption, and divides society.

Slogans of ‘Inquilab Zindabad!’ and ‘Long Live Comrade Ram Milan Yadav’ rent the air as hundreds of people paid tributes to Dr Ram Milan Yadav, including his son Ghanshyam Yadav, Left leaders, Congress leaders Dinesh Singh and Kamlesh Yadav. Left-progressive people were present in large numbers on the occasion.