A campaign led by the CPIML Laukahi Block Committee was going on against the distribution of only 4 kg rice instead of 5 kg rice per person by the Public Distribution dealers, notice of which was being given to the Block Administration. In this sequence, a lock-out program was fixed for 3 pm on 20/12/2018 at the Kachnarwa dealer’s go-down in Belahi Bhavanipur Panchayat, notice of which was given to the Block Administration. The CPIML team arrived at the place on time, but even before reaching the godown, the dealer’s men attacked the CPIML activists on the street itself. Videography of the attack is also available. While the CPIML activists were undergoing treatment at the Laukahi Hospital, a case filed by CPIML activist Jeevachh Ram was registered at Laukahi Thana Case No. 231/18. On the other side, in connivance with the police a false counter case was registered by Public Distribution dealer Mishri Lal Sah’s men after the attack on the CPIML activists. Investigation of both the above cases has been done by the Sub-divisional Police officer, Phulparas. This investigation report is misleading. The false case has presented as true, and the true case has been weakened. As an act of political revenge, CPIML Laukahi Block Secretary Nawal Kishore Yadav and his family have been implicated, which is totally false. CPIML District Committee protested against these false charges against party leaders demanding withdrawal of false charges and to constitute an enquiry to ensure justice in the matter.