ON May 24, Dalits and Yadavs in Bihar accused Police of thrashing them for voting against BJP. Anti-BJP voters from backward and oppressed castes in various places in Bihar, including Arrah, have been subjected to attacks from feudal BJP-backed gangs. A CPI activist Fago Tanti was killed in Begusarai on May 17.

Jeetrai Hansda, a professor at the Government School and College for Women, Sakchi, in Jharkhand was arrested for a Facebook post asserting the adivasi community’s well-documented traditions of eating beef and ceremonial cow sacrifice.

Modi’s ‘statesmanlike’ pose is intended to provide an alibi for him and cover for his supporters below, who, emboldened by his victory, are unleashing daily attacks on all those perceived as being anti-BJP. All those concerned for a democratic India must stand up and resist such violence.