Punjab Government Effigy Burnt

CPI(ML) burnt the effigy of the Punjab government on 19 June 2019 to protest against the beating up of a woman in Muktasar and the attack on dalit leaders fighting for Panchayat land by the Congress-supported Sarpanch and his gang at Mimasa village in Sangrur. Speaking on the occasion, CPI(ML) leaders Comrade Gulzar Singh Bhuwli and Comrade Manjit Raj Batala said that the ruling Congress leaders in Punjab are vitiating the atmosphere by carrying out attacks by goons on the common people. They said that Left parties would not tolerate this kind of hooliganism, and the CPI(ML) would strongly oppose leaders indulging in such hooliganism. They said that the Congress government should take action against such hooligan leaders in its Party.