BJP has Killed Democracy: Joint Forum against Land Grab

Rajgarh, August 17. The Police has detained several hundred protesters, men and women villagers agitating under the banner of "NH-52B Kshatigrasth Suraksha Samiti", a joint forum of the affected people due to land acquisition for NH-52B. More than 2000 bighas of land were acquired affecting 1700 families of 57 revenue villages. Through a long sustained movement led by Balindra Saikia, leader of the All India Kisan Mahasabha and Central Committee member of the CPIML and others, Govt. was forced to come into agreement for compensation. Local BJP MLA, who stood against the movement, of late conspired to implicate false cases against Balindra Saikia in a bid to sabotage the movement. People under the Joint Forum, had come out to foil BJP’s conspiracy to weaken the movement against land grab.

It is to be mentioned here that in the year 2013, NH 52 B was constructed through Dibrugarh district. Out of the total acquired land 550 bighas of land was Govt. land where poor people were residing and earning their livelihoods. As a compensation the families were given only 17000-1 lakh per bigha. But with the efforts of ‘NH-52B Kshatigrasth Suraksha Samiti ' the government had to pay to the deprived people about 10 lakhs as compensation amount.