CPIML Bihar State Secretary Kunal and Virendra Prasad Gupta have stated that the eviction of the poor from their lands is continuing unabated. In Champaran the administration is obeying the land mafia totally and wielding lathis on their behalf. The DM is on a full-scale campaign to use all illegal means to evict the poor from ceiling land and does not hesitate even to cut down ready-for-harvest crops.



Comrade Virendra Prasad Gupta said that in Belwa Tola, Mainatand, Western Champaran the administration arrived with the police from 6 Thanas and goons to cut down crops cultivated by the poor on ‘fazil’ (surplus) ceiling land and started plowing it. When CPIML Zonal Secretary Acchelal Ram, Banhu Ram and other leaders opposed this and demanded to be shown permission papers for plowing the land, they were brutally beaten up.

The CPIML leaders said that in fact mafia landlords have illegally registered in their own names the land in Mainatand for which the poor should be given parchas as per the 2015 Ceiling Gazette. Instead of protecting the rights of the poor, the DM and the Minister are upholding the illegal registration of the land in the name of mafia landlords; whereas according to the law those in whose name ceiling land has been registered as well as those responsible for the registration should be put in jail.

In this context we had earlier held talks with the DGP with whose intervention an earlier crop had been retrieved. The CPIML demands that the Nitish government should rein in the Western Champaran administration and the Minister and stop evicting the poor. A protest on this issue was held across the District on 7 February.