The 8th CPIML Sonbhadra District conference was organized on 18 February 2021 in Ghorawal Tehsil at the Gureth community hall dedicated to Comrade Vinod Mishra and Comrade Shiv. The conference began with two minutes' silence in honour of the farmers martyred in the ongoing farmers' movement.

Inaugurating the conference, State Secretary Sudhakar Yadav said that students, youth, intellectuals, workers and other sections of society have come out openly in support of the farmers' struggle. The new laws will hand over farming to corporate houses, destroy rations for the poor, and enslave farmers. He said that the Modi-Yogi governments are murdering democracy and destroying all democratic institutions.

The inaugural session was addressed by Om Prakash Singh, Jeera Bharti, Radheshyam Maurya, CPI leader RK Sharma ans CPM leader Nandlal Arya. It was attended by 50 delegates. A 13-member District Committee was elected with Comrade Suresh Koul as District Secretary. The following resolutions were passed by the conference:

  1. We condemn the Modi government's conspiracy to defame the farmers' struggle and demand the immediate repeal of the 3 black farm laws and legal status for MSP.
  2. We demand an end to the slapping of false cases against activists participating in farmers' movements, citizenship movements abd other movements and immediate release of all activists jailed under false cases.
  3. We demand repeal of the labour codes and reinstatement of the old labour laws.
  4. We condemn the Modi government's conspiracy to destroy democratic institutions and pledge to fight these conspiracies.
  5. We condemn the fake encounter killings of Muslim youths and demand a judicial enquiry into all encounter killings under 4 years of the Yogi regime.
  6. We demand Scheduled Tribe status for Adivasi tribes such as Koul, Musahar, Siyar and Dhangar.
  7. We condemn the eviction of adivasis from their ancestral lands in the name of the Forest Rights Act, and demand pattas for adivasis on their ancestral lands.
  8. Dominant castes have registered lands of adivasis and poor in their names through 'survey settlement' in Janpad areas. We demand cancellation of these false names and possession for the poor.
  9. We are in solidarity with the citizens demanding a separate Dudhi District as promised, and demand the formation of Dudhi District.
  10. We demand clean drinking water and a hospital for every village in Sonbhadra District.
  11. The human trafficking racket is rampant in the District. There are reports of girls from poor families being sold off under pretext of marriage. We demand a probe into this matter and punishment for the guilty.
  12. We condemn the arrest of AISA leader Nitin Raj and false implication of Comrade Kaleem under the Goonda Act and demand their immediate release.
  13. We express grave concern over the growing violence against women across the State and the protection being given to criminals by the ruling powers. We demand that this should be ended.