The CPIML 9th District conference was organized on 13-14 February 2021 in Patehara Block at the Belhara Community Hall dedicated to AIPWA founder District President Comrade Panna Koul. The conference began with two minutes' silence in honour of farmers martyred in the ongoing farmers' movement and party comrades who have passed away.

Inaugurating the conference, Central Committee member Comrade Mohd Salim said that CPIML has developed in Mirzapur through relentless struggle for democratic rights while facing repression. The Modi government is bent on destroying all democratic institutions and BJP is pursuing its fascist agenda openly. Referring to the Prime Minister's remark about 'Andolanjivi', he said that we are proud to be Andolanjivis as it was only through Andolan (struggle) that we achieved independence. Today anyone who dissents is punished with false cases and jail. It has become a crime to be a dalit, Muslim, or woman. Pointing out how the 3 black farm laws would not only enslave farmers but also end rations for the poor, Comrade Salim said that we will fight these laws till they are repealed.

The conference was also addressed by the District Secretaries of CPI and CPM. 70 delegates attended the conference out of whom 33 participated in discussions. A 17-member District Committee was elected with Comrade Shashikant Kushwaha as District Secretary.