Serial Hunger Strike and Protest in Udaipur


The serial hunger strike and protest in Udaipur by CPIML and people's organizations entered its 7th day on 17 May 2021. Leaders and activists protested from their homes and offices, observing Covid norms. The demands of the protest are that the government should provide health care for all and rations and financial aid for the needy. The protests were held in homes and offices in Udaipur city as well as various villages including the glass factory in Udaipur city, Bhagat Singh Kachchi Basti, Khanjipir, Machhla Magra and villages in Salumber, Sarada and Lasadia rural areas. The 2nd wave of Covid and the lockdown have made life very difficult for daily workers, thela and footpath vendors, auto-tempo drivers, construction workers, contract workers, domestic workers, construction workers, migrant and MNREGA workers and all the poor.

CPIML CC member Sudha Chaudhury said that the way the government has left the people to fend for themselves in this pandemic has proved that these ruling parties want only votes from the common people but will do nothing for them. People dying for lack of oxygen, medicines and hospital beds shows that this pandemic is a political disaster more than a natural disaster.

CPIML activist Razia Banu said that it is the government's responsibility not only to arrange medical facilities but also rations to provide relief from lockdown-induced difficulties. Saurabh Naruka said that CPIML, AICCTU, AIPWA and AIKM have been on serial hunger strike for 7 days since 10 May to demand distribution of ration kits for needy families, Rs 5000 monthly unemployment allowance for the poor as they have lost work due to the lockdown and closure of MNREGA, and a guarantee that no serious Covid patient will be refused admission by hospitals.

The above demands were conveyed to the government through slogans and placards put up on social media. If the government does not heed the demands, the protests will be intensified.

Party and people's organization activists observed 18 May as 'Chetavani Diwas' (Warning Day) with black bands.

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