Continuing Relief Work by Covid Help Centre

The Covid Help Centre run by CPIML-AISA-RYA entered its 30th day on 22 May 2021. For the past 30 days volunteers from the Centre have been continuously running a relief campaign for needy daily workers, construction workers, footpath vendors and others who are bearing the double brunt of Corona and lockdown-induced difficulties.

The relief campaign is led by Samta Rai, Ghalib Kaleem, Vinay Kumar, Kumar Divyam, Anant Shaswat, Neeraj Yadav, Pratik, Sameer and other students and youth.

Patna City CPIML Secretary Abhyuday said that rations would continue to be distributed among poor mohallas in Patna city. Our Help Centre volunteers have worked hard to prepare and distribute the ration packets. He once again expressed anger that despite repeated requests the District administration has not issued passes to the volunteers. This is very wrong. The government and administration should have a cooperative attitude towards those who are serving the people. It seems as if political reasons are the cause for not issuing us passes and this is extremely condemnable. This kind of obstructionist attitude towards our volunteers who are risking their own lives to help others during this pandemic is inhuman and affects our relief campaign. We reiterate our demand that our volunteers should be issued passes. Comrade Abhyuday appealed to the citizens of Bihar to support the relief campaign organized by the Covid Help Centre in every possible way.

Continuing Relief Work by Covid Help Centre 2