Block Panchayat Member’s House Bulldozed

A CPIML team visited Nandaur village in Paraspur Thana, Gonda and met the victim minority community family whose house was razed down by dominant forces. The dominant Thakurs razed newly elected BDC member Mainuddin's house with a JCB on 11 July 2021.

After visiting the spot the enquiry team said that the demolition of the house was done because Mainuddin refused to succumb to temptation or orders to vote for the BJP candidate in the Block Chief elections. Moreover, the dominant section also wanted the above-said land to be vacated. The BJP candidate finally won 'unopposed' because the opposition candidate was unable to file his nomination papers. After the victory, the dominant section grew bolder, and used this opportunity to 'teach a lesson' as well as to get the land vacated.

Mainuddin told the enquiry team that the day after the election result was declared, in the evening of 11 July, the dominant section came to his house when he was not present. They came with a JCB machine acquired from BJP leader and Paska village Pradhan and razed down the house as well as the trees, making it plain land. The household goods were destroyed.

The enquiry team said that this incident was perpetrated at the behest of the BJP. The administration sat up only when the incident went viral on social media. The SDM Karnalganj came to the spot measured the house, and it was found that the said land is in the 'old settlement'. The main accused Yashwant Singh is affiliated to the ruling party and has been released on bail after being arrested.

The team said that currently 2 police personnel are deployed at the spot. Mainuddin's family is living in fear under a tin shed. The Muslim population in the village is negligible, despite which he was victorious in the Panchayat election.

The enquiry team comprised State Committee member Radheshyam Maurya, Amarnath Singh and Shivram. Neither dalits, nor women, nor minorities are safe under the Yogi government. Instead of giving protection to the weaker sections of society, this government has become notorious for oppressing them. The morale of dominant sections is sky high as they have governmental protection. Minorities are being especially targeted and they are the most unsafe. As the Assembly elections are nearing, the BJP's attempts at polarization have intensified. This has to be fought through united resistance.