Children Die of Diarrhea in Bhojpur

CPIML has also expressed deep concern over the death of 6 children within 3 days at Paharpur in Gadhani, Bhojpur. Several children continue to remain ill. After getting news of this tragedy in Manjhi Tola, CPIML MLA Manoj Manzil's intervention forced the administration to take notice and send a medical team to the village and examine all the patients. ML activists organized sprinkling of bleaching powder and distributed medicines. MLA Manoj Manzil was accompanied by team members Gadhani Block Secretary Ramchhapit Ram and Badaura Secretary Om Prakash.

CPIML said that the government's negligent attitude towards Dalit and Manjhi Tolas is deeply disturbing and demanded that the diarrhoea epidemic should be arrested before it spreads to other Tolas; for this the state government should arrange medical examination, treatment and medicines on a war footing in the Tolas of the poor.

Children Die of Diarrhea