Mob-Lynching in Samastipur

A CPIML delegation led by legislative party leader Mahboob Alam and Samkaleen Lokyuddh Editor Santosh Sahar revisited Aadharpur village in Samastipur on 24 July where brutal mob lynching was perpetrated last month. Insaf Manch leader Neyaz Ahmed was part of the delegation.

Mahboob Alam met the mob lynching victims (who have taken refuge in other villages out of fear) and the kin of deceased Shrawan Yadav. Mahboob Alam said that the minority community in Aadharpur still lives in terror even a month after the incident. All 9 families are displaced and taking refuge in other villages. They have lost everything and are in a livelihood crisis. The District administration is not bothered about them and this is very worrisome.

The District administration should take action without delay to resettle the 9 displaced Muslim families in the village and guarantee their safety. They should be given immediate financial aid so that their lives can come back on track. CPIML will raise this issue in the Assembly. It will be remembered that a CPIML delegation has also met the Bihar Home Secretary and DGP in this connection but no progress has been made so far.

Mahboob Alam said that the murder of Shrawan Yadav was an unfortunate incident. A high level enquiry should be held and his kin should get proper compensation. But the way in which mob violence was organized under police protection shows that BJP wants to convert Bihar into another UP. We demand that all the criminals responsible for mob violence should be arrested without delay and the role of persons and organizations who incited the violence should be investigated because such people are a danger not only to law and order but also to the entire social fabric. In addition to resettlement and compensation, the children of the victims' families should get free government education, and action should be taken against the police who stood by and did nothing, demanded comrade Mahboob.

List of the displaced families:

  1. Mohd Ahsan, Gulshan Parveen, Mohd Sarfaraz, Mohd Dilshad and Muskan Parveen;
  2. Mohd Shoaib, Ajmeri Khatoon, Mohd Irfan and Mohd Irshad;
  3. Mohd Rizwan, Shahjahan Khatoon, Mohd Afzal and Rozi Parveen, Mohd Arman;
  4. Mohd Idrish, Atijul Khatoon, Mohd Haider, Ruby Khatoon, Mohd Shakeel and Shaista Khatoon;
  5. Mohd Quddus, Mohd Shahabuddin;
  6. Mohd Islam, Shabila Khatoon, Mohd Naushad, and Mohd Shamshad;
  7. Mohd Noor Alam;
  8. Noor Mohammed, Majda Khatoon, Mohd Anwar (Sanjam), Nusrat Khatoon, Dilkash Naaz, Falak Naaz, Mohd Asad, Kashish Naaz, Mohd Tannae and Khushboo Khatoon;
  9. Mohd Hasnain (was deputy Mukhiya), Sanovar Khatoon (deceased, was a teacher), Ibrat Parveen, Ishrat Parveen, and Chahat Parveen.