Citizens Mourn Custodial Killing

People across the country came out in rage against the custodial killing of Father Stan Swamy holding protests and pledge meetings.

Citizens of Patna organized a protest on 6 July under the banner 'We the People of Patna' against the institutional murder in custody of 84 year old Jesuit social worker Fr Stan Swamy and paid tribute to the departed soul. The people of Patna said in one voice that the forces in power killed Fr Stan Swamy and this is not an ordinary death. The powers that be are trying to frighten us through this death but they shall be given a befitting reply and the fight to save democracy will continue.

The meeting was held at Buddha Smriti Park near Station round-about and started with the garlanding of Fr Stan Swamy's portrait. It was attended by a large number of people including CPIML Politburo member Kavita Krishnan, Father Jose, former HoD History (Patna University) Prof Daisy Narayan, Nivedita Jha, AIPWA General Secretary Meena Tiwari, CPIML legislative party leader Mahboob Alam, labour leader Rambali Prasad, Santosh Sahar, Aleem Akhtar, Ranjeev, Tarkeshwar Ojha, Anil Anshuman, Arun Priyadarshi and leaders from various organizations including AISA, RYA and AIPF.

Prof Daisy Narayan said that this is not just a condolence meeting but a time to take a pledge to fight for democracy and the Constitution and people's right to live. Fr Stan Swamy is our inspiration and we shall fight for the repeal of draconian laws like UAPA and the release of Bhima Koregaon and all other political prisoners.

Kavita Krishnan said that the judiciary hit a new low in the bail proceedings of Fr Stan Swamy which will be recorded in history. The judges took 2 months merely to allow a sipper to Parkinsons patient Fr Stan Swamy so that he could drink water with dignity. The NIA is not able to produce evidence and all 16 Bhima Koregaon prisoners are not being given a court hearing because the court will have no option but to acquit them as there is no evidence against them.

Sudha Verghese said that Stan Swamy and the other 15 prisoners have been implicated in a false case and we all know at whose behest the judiciary is working. Father Jose recollected that Fr Stan Swamy sacrificed his career to devote his entire life to the service of the poor.

The meeting was also addressed by Ranjeev, AISA leader Divyam, Ashok Priyadarshi, Nivedita Jha, Anil Anshuman, Kamlesh Sharma and others.

A condolence meeting in honour of Fr Stan Swamy was organized in Ara. Heartfelt tributes were paid to Fr Stan Swamy and his lifelong dedicated work in the service of the poor was remembered. He will always remain an inspiration for people to fight for democracy and the Constitution.

Renowned human rights activist from Jharkhand Fr Stan Swamy died in custody in Mumbai on 5 July 2021. AIPF, CPIML, AISA and RYA observed Black Day on 6 July and organized a protest march at Bagodar in Jharkhand.

Addressing the meeting at Bagodar Bus Stand, CPIML MLA Vinod Kumar Singh said that Fr Stan Swamy raised his voice lifelong to protect the 'Jal Jangal Jameen' (water, forests, land) rights of adivasis and worked for the oppressed and deprived people. He always stood for human rights on issues of starvation deaths, poor adivadis' rights, and fake encounters. It was Fr Stan who exposed the cold-blooded fake encounter killing of two dozen poor people in Bakolia under the BJP government. Fr Stan and others arrested in the Bhima Koregaon case are innocent and falsely incarcerated. The powerful state has killed this 84 year old venerable man in custody.

The meeting started with a minute's silence in honour of Fr Stan Swamy and a pledge was taken to intensify the struggle for release of all political prisoners.

A condolence meeting for Fr Stan Swamy was organized at Mahendra Singh Bhawan, the CPIML party state office in Ranchi. It was decided at the meeting to intensify the struggle for justice for Fr Stan and punishment for those responsible for his death. CPIML General Secretary Dipankar Bhattacharya will be in Ranchi on 9 August to add momentum to this struggle. A strategy for a united movement will be finalized in coordination with various political parties. Fr Stan is the role model for the Jal Jangal Jameen Bachao movement. His martyrdom will not go in vain and will give new energy to the people to intensify the movement. The meeting was presided over by Dayamani Barla, conducted by Nadeem Khan and attended by a large number of activists from various Left parties and organizations.

A condolence meeting to honour Fr Stan Swamy was held on 6 July at Gunupur in Rayagada, Odisha.

CPIML organized a protest march against the custodial killing of Fr Stan Swamy and  the Giridih City Committee observed 6 July as 'Shok Diwas' (day of mourning). Speaking on the occasion, activists said that Fr Stan Swamy was a social activist who consistently raised his voice for adivasis and other deprived sections in Jharkhand. But this fascist government could not accept this and he was arrested on false charges and denied bail despite his age and illness, causing his death in custody on 5 July. The government has forgotten that an individual can be killed, but not his ideas.

AIPF organize Protest March against Fr Stan Swamy's Custodial Killing

Renowned human rights activist from Jharkhand Fr Stan Swamy died in custody in Mumbai on 5 July 2021. Struck by sorrow and anger, people led by All India People's Forum and CPIML marched in protest at Bagodar from Kisan Bhawan to the Bus Stand and burnt the effigy of Prime Minister Modi.

Addressing the march, Bagodar (West) District Councillor Poonam Mahto said that the Modi-Shah BJP government had incarcerated Fr Stan Swamy for the past one year under draconian laws like UAPA. Demands for Fr Stan Swamy's release were being made from Jharkhand and across the country and also on an international level but the fascist Modi-BJP government did not release him and he was not even given bail. We demand the immediate release of all political prisoners.

The protest was attended by CPIML Block Secretary Pawan Mahto, AIPF National Council member Narayan Mahto, Bagodar (Central) District Councillor Sarita Mahto, RYA District Joint Secretary Puran Kumar Mahto and other leaders and activists.


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