Delhi ASHA Kamgar Union

The Delhi ASHA Kamgar Union affiliated to AICCTU held talks on 16 August with the chief whip of the Delhi Assembly MLA Dileep Pandey on the demands of ASHA workers. The talks discussed the hard times suffered by ASHAs during the lockdown. They put their lives on the line to save Delhi from Covid. Many ASHAs fell ill and some even died, but they did not receive adequate help.

The Delhi ASHA Kamgar Union delegation demanded proper compensation for the family of Nurmah Naaz who died of Covid while on duty. The union informed that Rs 1000 as Corona duty allowance is a shamefully meagre amount and this should be increased to a minimum of Rs 10000. ASHAs cannot live with dignity or maintain their families on the amount they are getting at present, and in the event of sickness they cannot get treatment for themselves or their families.

The mistreatment of ASHAs at various dispensaries and hospitals was also discussed in detail at the talks and immediate action demanded from the Delhi government. The Union demanded a rest room for ASHAs at every dispensary. It is ironical that due to ASHAs the infant mortality (mother and child) rate has come down greatly, but when an expecting ASHA worker herself does not get 3 months of paid maternity leave after delivery.