Conference of Jharkhand

The sixth conference of the Jharkhand unit of the CPIML was held at Ramgarh between 2-4 October 2021. The conference was inaugurated by the CPIML General Secretary Comrade Dipankar. At the inaugural session, 311 delegates were joined by the Chief Guest, CPIML PBM Comrade Raja Ram Singh, central observer Comrade Amar, as well as leaders of other Left parties including the ex MLA Comrade Arup Chatterjee of the MCC, leaders of CPI and CPIM, and Adivasi rights activists Dayamani Barla and Premchandra Murmu. The red flag was hoisted by noted writer Koleshwar Gope the Jharkhand Sanskriti Manch teams presented songs.

The Conference elected Comrade Manoj Bhakt as Secretary, along with a 53-member committee that includes five central committee members and 19 new faces, more than 50% of whom are young activists working on different fronts including students and youth, scheme workers, and forest rights.


Concludes at Ramgarh