2 December to be Observed as Protest Day Demanding Judicial Enquiry

A six-member CPIML team visited the spot where the rape of a dalit girl and murders of her entire family was perpetrated in Fafamau in Prayagraj. The CPIML will observe 2 December as statewide protest day against this brutal mass murder. The party has also demanded a high level judicial probe into the entire incident.

CPIML UP State Secretary Sudhakar Yadav alleged that the police are covering up the incident. It seems an erroneous conclusion drawn by the police that the dalit youth who sent repeated messages to the deceased girl's mobile is the killer of four  persons, whereas there are other bigger and more serious land dispute related causes for the killings where the accused are dominant families in the village. These dominant families have in recent days attacked the deceased persons and a case has even been registered against them where instances are present of the police failing to take action against them and even protecting them. The present murders also reek of police protection to the real killers, and as such the only hope of justice is through a judicial enquiry.

Incidents like the Fafamau rape and mass killings and the rape of a female exam candidate in Mathura are clear proof of the breakdown of law and order in Uttar Pradesh. Clearly women and dalits are least safe under the Yogi regime.

Giving details of the CPIML team's visit to the spot, the State Secretary said that all 4 members of the family were brutally axed to death. The girl who was also killed was raped, as has been confirmed by the post-mortem report. Prior to the incident, feudal dominant sections had tried to capture land after which the dalits were brutally murdered. Such is the terror in the village of the feudal dominant sections that people were afraid and unwilling to say much about the incident.

On enquiring from the villagers they told the team that this family had earlier also been attacked many times by upper caste sections but the police took no action because of their caste arrogance. The villagers also said that if the police had taken action earlier, this brutal incident may have been avoided.

About a dozen such mass killings have been perpetrated in Prayagraj in the past 4 years. This is happening while the ruling BJP government is boasting that Uttar Pradesh has become Uttam Pradesh. The ground reality is that murder, rape and mass killings have become a common occurrence. The dominant sections in power-mafia-criminal nexus is behind the brutal killings at Fafamau. Such appalling and grotesque criminal acts can be perpetrated only with government-administration protection. CPIML demands the immediate arrest of the main accused persons, financial aid, a government job, and security for the victim family. The BJP government should take responsibility for the incident and step down from power.

The CPIML team comprised State Committee member Sunil Maurya, AICCTU State Secretary Anil Verma, Antas Sarvanand, AISA leaders Vivek, Manish and Vikas.

According to the villagers they came to know of this mass killing 2 days after the incident when a chaat vendor went to the house and raised the alarm on seeing the blood-soaked place.