Karnataka General Labour Union in Bangaluru has asked the administration for immediate measures to disburse the unpaid wages of the workers employed by Victoria Hospital.

Frontline workers employed in Victoria hospital as housekeeping staff, ward attenders, lift operators, Data entry operators and security, have not been paid their wages. BMRCI, which manages Victoria Hospital, have failed to ensure payment of wages for the month of October 2021 to the workers. Workers are struggling since they are unable to pay their house rents and do not have money for food; their entire families are forced into dire situation of hunger. Workers are unable to pay the school fees of their children or attend to medical emergencies having been denied their wages. It is common knowledge that most workers are barely earning enough to meet the monthly expenses for their basic needs and when monthly wages are delayed it forces them and their families into debt.

The non-payment of wages to the workers despite them having worked hard is violative of all labour laws and the judgments of the Supreme Court.

The workers organised a protest on 29 Nov against the management of Victoria Hospital/BMRCI demanding wages be paid immediately and to ensure that henceforth wages are paid before the 7th of every month.