For Possession to Land Parcha Holders

Parcha-holding families led by CPIML in Jainagar Block of Madhubani submitted an application for inspection by the Madhubani DM office with regard to their demand for dakhal-kabja (possession) on parcha-lands.

Dozens of parcha-holders and their families submitted the applications on 15 June 2022. 50 landless dalit families in Deodha South and Belhi South Panchayats in Jainagar Block were given parchas for a total of 15.66 decimal land (0.29 decimal per family) under Record No. 1/2004-2005 on 17 May 2005 in Usrahi-Deodha Mauja Khata No. 666, Khasra No. 7794. But even after 17 years these landless families have not been given possession of the land by the local administration. Similarly there are hundreds of landless dalit parcha-holding families in Jainagar Block who are running from pillar to post, while officials are registering parcha lands in the names of the landlords-land mafia nexus. CPIML strongly condemns these anti-poor policies of the administration and demands that parcha holders be given possession of the land and the safety of parcha-holding families be ensured.

The DM directed the Zonal Officer to attest the parcha lands and send notices to landlords who have captured the lands and recover the land-related papers from them. He gave an assurance that after this is done, due action will be taken as per the application to give parcha holders possession of the land.

The parcha-holders who submitted the applications included Shibo Devi, Ramdev Ram, Bechan Ram, Rajdev Ram, Dileep Ram, Budhan Saday, Rajeshwar Ram, Mahendri Devi, Tara Devi, Rani Devi, Sonia Devi, Mafi Devi and Binde Saday.