Condolence Meeting in the memory of Comrade NK

A condolence meeting in the memory of Comrade Natarajan was held at Coimbatore held on 22nd Dec and was addressed by Comrade Dipankar, the General Secretary of the party. On December 10 (Human Rights Day), while addressing the party's Dindigul District Committee meeting, Comrade Natarajan had suffered breathlessness around 4 PM and was taken to the Dindigul Government Medical College Hospital, after first aid in some private hospital.

Comrade Natarajan, fondly called as NK by everyone, was a member of the party's state committee for a long time. He was elected as the party's state secretary in 2019 when the party was experiencing some issues. He was elected to the Central Committee of the party in 2020. He was unanimously re-elected as the state secretary in the state conference of the party held at Trichy on 26-27 November 2022. He led the party in its expansion to 28 districts in the state. He upheld left unity and strived to bring the left, democratic and progressive forces on agenda of anti-fascist struggles. He was touring the state to make successful the party congress to be held at Patna in February 2023.

He was introduced to revolutionary politics, Charu Majumdar and the Marxist-Leninist Party by Comrade Muthuraj of Karatupatti. He became a whole time party activist in the early 1980s. He was also a newspaper reporter for a while before. He began his life as a whole timer of the party by organizing labourers of the plantations of Valparai in Coimbatore district. He worked among mill workers of Coimbatore during the period of severe repression. He worked for a long time in Namakkal, Erode, Salem and Dharmapuri districts of Tamil Nadu, as district secretary and in various capacities. He has spent considerable time in Kumarapalayam and Pallipalayam areas of Namakkal and Erode districts organizing militant struggles of the most downtrodden powerloom workes. He was also successful in building the party among them. He served as the state General Secretary and also one of the all India leaders of AICCU, that is committed to the cause of revolutionary trade unionism. He lived a simple life among unorganized workers, led their struggles for life and livelihood and also recruited them to the revolutionary communist Party.

Comrade Shankar V introduced the newly elected state secretary comrade Asaithambi and paid his tributes to NK.

Comrade Thenmozhi, the life partner of NK, and his younger brothers Vijayakumar and Kanakaraj also joined the condolence meeting.

The CPI was represented by its assistant state secretary and EX MLA Comrade N Periyasamy, CPI(M) was represented by Comrade Padmanabhan, the district secretary, the VCK by its secretary of the Disciplinary Committee, comrade Devarajan, Thanthai Periyar Dravidar Kazhagam by its General Secretary Ku. Ramakrishnan and PUCL by its all India secretary Balamurugan.

CPIML leaders, comrade Clifton, the state secretary of Karnataka, Johnson Ambatt, NCM of AICCTU and SLTM of the party from Kerala, CCMs comrades Balasundaram, Chandramohan and Balasubramanian.

Well known Marxist – Periyarist writer in Tamil SV Rajadurai, SKM state coordinator Balakrishnan sent their messages to the meeting.

in the memory of Comrade NK