Tributes Paid to Comrade Rajaram in Delhi

A memorial meet to pay tributes to Comrade Rajaram was organised in Delhi at HKS Surjeet Bhavan on 25 September. This was attended by a large number of activists and many old timers who had a chance to work with comrade Rajaram when he was in Delhi at the central office of Indian People's Front. Prof. Gopal Pradhan, senior journalist Urmilesh, Chandra Bhushan, former Rajya Sabha television journalist Irfan, former BBC journalist Rajesh Joshi and prof.

Tributes Paid to Comrade Rajaram

A memorial meeting to pay tributes to Comrade Rajaram, former central committee member and Chairperson of Central Control Commission of CPIML, was held in Patna on 14 September 2023 at Jagjivan Ram Institute which was also attended by all constituents of Mahagathbandhan parties in Bihar. Comrade Rajaram was the founder general secretary of Indian People’s Front (IPF) which played a crucial role in strengthening the general democratic movement during the 80s and 90s.

Adieu, Comrade Rajaram !

Comrade Rajaram passed away on 1 September at PMCH in Patna. A member of Bihar state standing committee of CPIML and a veteran of the 1974 movement, he was a member of the party's central committee for almost two and a half decades and then chairperson of the Central Control Commission for two terms. He was the founder general secretary of the Indian People's Front (IPF).

Tribute Paid to Victims of 1999 Manjolai Dalit Workers Massacre

On the 24th anniversary of the Manjolai massacre, rank and files of CPIML Liberation paid their respect to the victims of 17 Dalit tea garden workers who were killed in the police brutality in Tamil Nadu’s Tirunelveli district. On July 23, 1999, the workers from the Tea estates of Manjolai organised a protest march to Tirunelveli Collectorate to submit a memorandum demanding wage hike, maternity leave and better living conditions for the tea plantation workers.

19th Martyrdom Day of Comrade Rameshwar Ravidas Commemorated

On 19th Martyrdom Day of CPIML leader Rameshwar Ravidas, a resolution meeting was organised at Shaheed Maidan in Surunga (Baliapur) of Dhanbad, Jharkhand on June 18, 2023. While addressing the gathering, the speakers said that Com Rameshwar fought for the rights of the Dalit and deprived communities throughout his life. Along with the struggle of the coal workers, he became a vocal voice against the coal sector management on the issue of the compensation to the farmers for acquired land.

'Chetna Sammelan' on Comrade Jeeta Kaur's 16th Memorial Day

Call to strengthen women's movement and anti-drug campaign for social equality

In Mansa (Punjab), on June 23, 2023, on the occasion of 16th death anniversary of CPIML leader Comrade Jeeta Kaur, a Chetna Sammelan was organised. A call was given to organise women for social, economic, political and cultural equality and to strengthen the 'Nasha Nahi Rojgar Do' (Give Employment Not Drug Menace) campaign.

Comrade Chandrashekhar and Shyamnarayan Yadav Remembered on their Martyrdom Anniversary

Various memorial programmes and meetings were organised to commemorate the martyrdom of beloved comrades Chandrashekhar Prasad, ex-President of JNU Students’ Union and Shyamnarayan Yadav who fell to the bullets of assassins sent by Shahabuddin in Siwan on 31 March, 1997. Meetings were held in memory of martyrs to reiterate the pledge to fight the fascist forces to defend democracy and the Constitution.

In memory of Comrade John K Erumeli

A memorial meeting of Comrade John K Erumeli, the secretary of the CPIML, was held at Trivandrum on 12th March. The newly elected state secretary Comrade Johnson Ambattu presided over the meeting. 

Comrade Balasundaram, the CC In Charge for the state fondly recollected the dedication and sacrificing values of Comrade John K Erumeli who led the party in most difficult times, right from the underground days. He said that fulfilling the dreams and carrying forward the unfulfilled tasks of the comrade is the fitting tribute.