Comrade Chandrashekhar-Martyrdom Anniversary

Various memorial programmes and meetings were organised to commemorate the martyrdom of beloved comrades Chandrashekhar Prasad, ex-President of JNU Students’ Union and Shyamnarayan Yadav who fell to the bullets of assassins sent by Shahabuddin in Siwan on 31 March, 1997. Meetings were held in memory of martyrs to reiterate the pledge to fight the fascist forces to defend democracy and the Constitution.

In Bihar, a march was organised in Bindusar, the birth place of comrade Chandrashekhar. A memorial meeting and students-youth march led by party MLA Amarjit Kushwaha was held in Siwan where tributes were paid at the statue of comrade Chandrashekhar. In Patna, comrades Swadesh Bhattacharya, CPIML Bihar secretary Kunal and other leaders paid tributes at the party state office.

Leaders recalled that comrade Chandu was well aware of the communal fascist threat. He was elected JNUSU President when the country was facing the first round of attacks by communal forces. Today that danger has grown manifold and the spirit, struggles and dreams of martyrs like Chandu and Shyamnarayan Yadav inspire us to take up the challenge of a decisive struggle to defeat the regressive fascist forces. We must strive hard for an India of martyrs’ dreams.

The pledge taking and memorial programmes were held in many states. AISA organised programmes across many universities.