Comrade Brij Bihari Pandey Remembered

The CPIML remembered comrade Brij Bihari Pandey on his second memorial day on 26 August. A memorial meeting was held at Patna. Among the founding leaders of the party, he was the Chairperson of the party's Central Control Commission, ex-Editor of Samkaleen Lokyudh and Liberation, and a longtime CC member.
Party’s Bihar state secretary comrade Kunal said while addressing the memorial meet that comrade BB Pandey’s life and works will be a source of inspiration in today’s fight against the fascist forces. He had dedicated his life for the socio-economic transformation of the society and faced most critical junctures in his journey with full perseverance. We must draw energy by learning from his experiences and qualities.

The meeting was conducted by deputy editor of Samkaleen Lokyudh Pradeep Jha and addressed by Santosh Sahar, Abhyuday, Kamlesh Sharma, Samta Rai and many other comrades who shared their memories with comrade BBP.