'Chetna Sammelan' on Comrade Jeeta Kaur's 16th Memorial Day
Call to strengthen women's movement and anti-drug campaign for social equality

In Mansa (Punjab), on June 23, 2023, on the occasion of 16th death anniversary of CPIML leader Comrade Jeeta Kaur, a Chetna Sammelan was organised. A call was given to organise women for social, economic, political and cultural equality and to strengthen the 'Nasha Nahi Rojgar Do' (Give Employment Not Drug Menace) campaign. Com Jeeta Kaur, who worked in strengthening the party in Punjab, met an untimely death on this day in June, 2007 at the age of 48 due to cancer.

The speakers addressing the gathering said that Comrade Jeeta Kaur fought tirelessly for the freedom of women in the society and for building a new egalitarian and prosperous India. Present rulers of the country at Centre are handing over all the natural resources and means of production to the corporate companies and establishing communal fascism by eradicating democracy from the country. Instead of fighting against such anti-people and anti-democratic forces, AAP's Punjab government is raising absurd issues. Drug dealers and land grabbing mafia are openly active in the state. There is a need to create a big mass movement against this. Leader emphasised that the Punjab is stuck in the quagmire of unemployment and drugs. The campaign being run by the CPIML against this needs to be further strengthened as a tribute to Com Jeeta.