Tributes Paid to Comrade Kshitish Biswal

12th January 2022 marked the first death anniversary of comrade Kshitish Biswal. He was party Orissa State secretary and CC member for many years. A statue of him was inaugurated in his native village Tripuri of Puri district on this occasion by CPIML senior PB member comrade Swadesh Bhattacharya. Many leaders of left parties including CPI, CPIM, SUCI, Forward Block, from many social organisations as well as intellectuals of different fields and Professor Birendra Nayak were present on this occasion. CPIML members from various districts of Odisha were present in large numbers. Comrade B Bangar Rao, CPIML Andhra Pradesh state secretary and Malleswararao, a senior leader from Andhra Pradesh were also present. Comrade Yudhishthir Mahapatra, party’s Odisha state secretary conducted the proceedings and welcomed the guests.

Comrade Swadesh Bhattacharya, Ajay Rawat, prominent communist leader in Odisha, Abhay Sahu, leader of the Posco movement and CPI state secretary, Narayan Reddy ex-MLA of CPI, CPIML central committee members Tirupati Gomango and Radhakant Sethi, and Mahendra Parida, Ashok Pradhan, Murali Behra, Ajay Mandatha Odisha State Committee graced the dias. A minute's silence in memory of Kshitish Biswal was observed.

Comrade Swadesh Bhattacharya recalled Kshitish Biswal’s contributions to the communist movement, and explained how he was admired by the most downtrodden, and among them the rag pickers. Today we must work hard to realise the dream of comrade Kshitish when Indian democracy is in danger and our Constitution is under threat by fascist forces, he said.

All the left leaders remembered Kshitish Biswal, his friendship with them, and polemics with him, saying that he was always found in the centre of every movement whenever it was needed to take the responsibility from the front. He was friendly to all but at the same time very straightforward in debates without any compromise. Wherever people's struggles were there he always tried to reach among them and helped in every way possible. We all need to embrace his qualities and spirit today when India is facing a dangerous situation, when the democracy and constitution are under threat, the rights of people being suppressed. Speakers called for the unity of all fighting forces to fight an united battle against fascism.

Comrade Tirupati Gomango narrated his personal experiences with Kshitish Biswal, and told how he was trained under his guidance in the many struggles of Rayagada and Koraput region.

Comrade Malleswararao recalled his 25 years acquaintance with Kshitish Biswal, that he never felt the big age gap in face of his simplicity and support. He remained committed for the people's movements till his last breath, he said.