Bulldozer Raj in Assam

SADOU ASOM GRAMEEN SHRAMIK SANTHA in Nagaon district held a sit-in demonstration on 2 December, 2023 in protest against the Bulldozer raj and inhuman, communally targeted evictions at Batadrava of Nagaon district. The protest was also joined by hundreds of eviction victims of Haidubi Shibir Basti, Jaamaai Basti and Bhomoraguri Lalung Gaon.

The SAGSS also submitted a five point charter of demands to the DM of Nagaon district which was addressed to the governor of Assam. Demands included: a) Judicial inquiry by a sitting judge of Guwahati High Court to investigate the government of Assam's so-called claim of encroachment of land of all "SATRAS" of Batadrava and to place the inquiry report in public domain, b) To make the Nagaon district administration accountable for violating the rule 18(3)(a)(i) of Assam land and revenue regulations, 1886, c) To rehabilitate the eviction victims and to provide proper compensation, d) To implement article 21 of constitution of India etc.

The SADOU ASOM GRAMEEN SHRAMIK SANTHA has condemned these eviction notices which are nothing but a tool of hate campaign against the Bengali speaking muslims by the current regime.
Another memorandum was also submitted to the DM of Nagaon demanding medical services and care to the new born babies, infants and lactating mothers.

Ayefa Begum, central executive member of AIARLA, Ishub Ali, President of SADOU ASOM GRAMEEN SHRAMIK SANTHA, Nagaon and Comrade Madhab Bora, secretary of CPIML, Dalanghat addressed the protesters.

Targeted at Minority Community in Assam