Protest in Jharkhand Against Fabricated Arrest

On December 14, 2022, a massive protest march was organised in Deori Bazaar in Jharkhand’s Giridih district against the dictatorial attitude of the administration and fabricated arrest of CPIML state committee member and Zilla Parishad member Usman Ansari.

Com. Usman Ansari had put forward the demand to Deori BDO regarding the construction of Dobha [a small pond for water conservation] under MNREGA with the aim of providing employment to the labourers. He, along with the other comrades had been actively resisting the administrative corruption and high handedness that had been rampant in the area. In retaliation, the Deori BDO filed a fabricated case against him accusing him of obstructing government work. He was later arrested by the police without any warrant and remanded to judicial custody.

Speaking at the protest, Com. Vinod, MLA and CPIML leader said that it is actually the local administration that is obstructing the work under MNREGA. There are several reports of how officers demand bribes for MNREGA work allocation, thus depriving the right to work for thousands under the MGNREGA scheme.

“Com. Usman, a popular mass leader, had been in forefront against this corruption and loot of people's money by the administration and his arrest reflects the fear in the local authorities that their loot will be exposed.” added Com. Vinod.

Former MLA and CPIML leader Rajkumar Yadav said that today corruption is prevailing in the entire district. The general public is being betrayed by the authorities. When the CPIML raises public issues, they are intimidated and threatened by the authorities with false cases. But we are not afraid. If the false case against Usman Ansari is not withdrawn, the fight will be intensified.

CPIML organised several protest marches against the arrest of Com. Usman across the district. Speaking at the march in Birni block, CPIML State committee member Com. Nagendra Kumar said Com. Usman was specifically targeted by the BDO as he was leading the popular movement exposing the adminsistive loot and corruption. Earlier also, Com. Usman, had questioned the BDO during a protest against the corruption and black marketing in the public distribution system, after which the BDO was enraged.

The fabricated charges against Com. Usman by the BDO is an attempt to silence the mass movement against the loot and corruption. The CPIML warned the administration that such threatening tactics will not work and the mass movement will only intensify until Com. Usman is released and proper action is taken against the corrupt officials.