institutional murder of Darshan Solanki!

AISA and RYA marched in Patna in solidarity on 19 Feb. with Darshan Solanki's family for justice and condemned the institutional murder of Darshan Solanki, an 18-year-old Dalit first year student of IIT Bombay who died by suicide on 12th Feb.

The students expressed their condolences to Darshan solanki's family and demanded a judicial enquiry into the death of Darshan Solanki. Since the time BJP-RSS came to power, there has been an increase in attacks on dalits, adivasis, women and other marginalised sections.

AISA-RYA called for resisting the systematic oppression of Dalit students as well as demanding from the government to enact Rohith Act. These organisations are conducting a national campaign against rising discrimination against dalits, adivasis, and other marginalised communities in campuses across India.

On 24 Feb, AISA and BAPSA along with Lucknow University students carried out a candle march against this institutional murder and demanded justice for Darshan Solanki.