Bangalore Municipal Corporation Workers

On 13th March, 2023 over 500 workers, under the aegis of the BBMP Pourakarmikara Sangha (AICCTU) involved in transportation of solid waste, including drivers, helpers, loaders and cleaners staged a protest before the Bangalore Corporation demanding that they be made permanent and that the exploitative contract system be completely abolished.

When powrakarmikas struck work in July 2022, the State Government assured that the powrakarmikas across the State would be made permanent, and the drivers, helpers, loaders and cleaners who transport solid waste would be brought under the direct payment system. However, the workers involved in transportation of waste have been completely ignored.

Almost all the workers are Dalit, with the work of sweeping, cleaning and transportation of waste being a caste ordained occupation. Workers are denied minimum wages, social security and forced to perform hazardous work with no basic safety equipment.

A call has been given for a City-wide strike from 20th March, if the Government fails to abolish the contract system entirely.