Protest against Price Hike of LPG Cylinder

The CPIML City committee held a protest demonstration on March 7 at Bhubaneshwar against the LPG price hike.

AIPF and AIPWA organised a protest in Patna against this arbitrary price rise which has rendered this quintessential cooking fuel with zero-subsidy. The protesters called it a betrayal by Modi government and demanded withdrawal of the raised prices to the level of 2014 prices. This citizens’ protest was addressed by AIPF leader Kamlesh Sharma. He said that the fascist Modi government is diverting peoples’ attention by venomous communal polarisations, such designs must be foiled by the masses in order to save the constitution and democratic institutions of the country. AIPWA Bihar president Shashi Yadav said that unrestricted price hikes have become synonymous with the Modi regime which is only interested in serving its cronies and henchmen.

AICCTU leader Rambali, Juhi Mahbuba, Ghalib, Vibha Gupta, Murtaza Ali and others also addressed the protest meeting.