BJP is Weakening the Democracy and Establishing a Permanent Emergency in the Country

In a seminar held in Nainital on April 10 at the sidelines of the CPIML Uttarakhand state committee meeting, CPIML General Secretary Dipankar Bhattacharya said that Modi-BJP’s Amrit Kaal is another name for permanent emergency in the country. 

“Today we witness separation of power is diminishing, we see executive is being made to act as dominant part, which is very dangerous for democracy. This is unfortunate that law minister Kiren Rijiju and Vice President Jagdeep Dhankhar are continuously attacking the judiciary,” noted Con. Dipankar addressing the seminar titled “Challenges Faced by Democracy in Present Times.”

He said that the question of accountability in the judiciary and the representation of the deprived sections in it an important, but by setting up a judicial commission, the Modi government wants to make the judiciary also work under its pressure like the Election Commission. This is the way to ‘communalize’ the Judiciary. 

Com. Dipankar further noted that the Agnipath scheme in armed forces is an attempt to ‘saffronise’ the armed forces and alter its independent structure. We also see that BJP government is also attacking media and its independence, The recent amendments to IT rules aims at silencing all dissenting voices from internet under the grab of ‘fact check.’

Rights as citizens are being curtailed. Modi government is only focused on things like Amrit Kal, Kartavya Kaal, but there no mention of people’s rights. We cannot accept this definition of citizenship. 

Indresh Maikhuri, CPIML Secretary Uttarakhand said that the BJP is spewing communal venom in Uttarakhand by crying land jihad, which is a lie, on the contrary, the lands, people's rights over them are under threat because of BJP's policy changes which facilitate takeover of lands and forests by corporates.

Calling for unity of opposition parties and strengthening of people’s movements to tackle the threat of BJP’s fascist agenda, Com. Dipankar noted that 2024 is crucial and we must not think of us as weak forces. We must unite and strengthen our democracy.